CRS Explorer - PROJ 9.4.0 codes

This page shows a list of the Coordinate Reference Systems included in PROJ. (see generation metadata file)
You can filter by type, authority, name and location (clicking on the map).
Selecting the area of use of any CRS displays it as a rectangle in the map.
Visit the source code in GitHub.

| Click the map to select a location.

Filter by name: < ℹ > Active filter:
  • Write many words to do an "and" search on the "Name" column
  • Use | (pipe) separator to do an "or" search
  • Enclose the terms in quotes (") to search them together
  • Add a dash (-) to exclude an expression
  • Search is case insensitive
  • Numbers only are considered also as ids, and searched as codes
  • examples:
    "sachusetts mainland" -(ftUS)
    4326 | 32632 | CH1903 LV95

>> Select CRS types to display, like Projected, Geographic 2D or Vertical <<

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